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Kenya is made up of vision bearing individuals who would see more of their desired results if their dreams were mentored. We are talking about a talented author who perhaps hasn’t recognized his full potential or a person with a story who may not be in a position to put it into writing. VISP takes the pleasure in identifying such and points them to a ladder leading to their dreams through publishing.

Yes, we are recognized by the Government of Kenya.

Yes, because your book will have a valid ISBN.

It is possible to have at least 500 copies but we advise our authors to start with 1000 copies which is more convenient and affordable. You could sell between 1500 and 2500 a year.

Yes, we help you save time by converting your ideas into books as you retain the authorship.

Yes, we will review your book for free in our website. We are also in a position to help display your book, in a number of Bookshops.

If you are willing, you could do a book launch immediately after the first publication. We help organize for this at a fee. Aside from that, we have a network of speakers who would be delighted to promote your book to their audiences.

The first step is to review your manuscript and approve it for editing. You can therefore sign a contract with us to commit yourself to the whole process. The acquisition editor will take care of the editing process as the designer works on the layout and the cover design. The final stage will be printing.

The entire process should take four to six months from the time of submission. But if you want your book done earlier than that, we will be willing to work with you to accomplish that goal at an extra fee.

Preferably electronic, sent through E-mail or brought to us on a CD. We can also type a hardcopy manuscript at a fee.

You are expected to approve changes during the editing process and submit any additional material needed for improvement of the book. Your assent for the layout and the cover design concepts will be appreciated too.

You will be able to sign a contract as an assurance that the entire process is planned for and that the entitled task will be finished as agreed.