Need a competent marketing team? Here are 6 things you should look out for

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 || By Site Admin || 391 views

Your book is important. Or at least, your book is very important to you, your target audience and anyone else who cares to peep in. It will therefore hurt so badly when, after months on, at the end of tiresome word coining, a bunch of incompetent book lords posing as crafty marketers show up, take you in circles and finally spoil your book sales.

The end result will be as bad as:

  1. Recording the lowest sales in the first week of release (like selling less than 1000 copies) and threatening your work to being classified among the worst of a sales year.
  2. Pushing you back into the office to re-brand, scout for a different team and re- launch. Pause, that won't just be double work but also a waste of your time, resources and a compromise to your profits.
  3. A poor industry entry in case it is your very first work. Look, we live in a world where 18 million blog posts surface every minute and self-publishing is the new big trend. The last thing audiences want is a poorly introduced material. The author in this case risks being shut out.

The truth however is that, however much you are a pro in your own right, you need a marketing team to walk you every step of the way, until your name is out and your brand can successfully walk, not crawl.

Do not dismiss the suggestions.

Individual personalities
Look at the personalities of the individuals if they align with one another's and your expectations. This will put you in a confident position where you can work together with the team.

Imagine entrusting your book to a team comprised of conflicting personalities. That is like working with a team of conflicting individuals. It will definitely get worse when your own personality is not in line with that of a team you are heading and paying handsomely to work with you.

Secret: However attractive their strategy looks, my brother run and never look back because it won’t be long before infightings erupt and you are left in the middle of a serious mess.

Ability to persuade
You want to sell a product, you want to make a profit and if your marketing team of choice are struggling to get you to hire them, then they are likely to get your target audience to like you and subsequently buy your book.

Product marketing is hard but not too hard. If that marketing team has not yet grasped that, then it is not worth your time and definitely your money.

Secret: If a marketer is taking long to convince you, he will take long to convince your prospective audience and might as well not succeed. You can keep searching for another.

Leadership structure
Look at the group’s leadership structure and double check if the leader can stand up for the group because he will need to stand up for you and the team a lot in the course of your partnership.

Cases will arise of lame and failed marketing moves and he or she will be required to stand up and talk before rectifying the situation. For instance when several orders are taking longer to be shipped, customers will be vile and it is the marketer to make the name of the author whole again.

Secret: If he is not authoritative and persuasive before you, just keep searching.

Look at the group’s portfolio
We are not saying that you should completely shun new entities. In fact, new entities are likely to put in more efforts to get a positive recommendation from you; their first client.

However, going through the team’s portfolio and consequently following up the organizations they have worked for can go a long way into showing you what they can and cannot and saving you lots of time in the process.

Secret: Always follow up organizations and partly the referees listed.

 A good employee is the one passionate about what they do and in marketing, you can clearly see the passion level in the way they market themselves to you; especially the portfolio part.

Secret: Try not to hire a marketer that talks ill of any of the client they worked with. They are likely to talk ill of you to someone else too.

In short, you need a good number of people to get your brand out but are likely to get let down. But when you wear the right gear and go scouting at the right places, you will land a team you can likely work with for the rest of your career. It all depends on what you are looking for.