You want to sell a Million Copies? This is how to do it

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 || By Site Admin || 342 views

The publishing business can be brutal. Selling books will make or break you. For instance, the average book published through a traditional publishing house sells 250 copies its first year, and fewer than 90% of books sell more than 1,000 total copies, and something like only 50 books released this year will ever sell 100,000 total copies. According to Forbes between 600,000-1, 000,000 books are published each year in the United States of America alone! That means when you walk to a book store you are confronted with a seemingly endless selection process of various titles.

Each author puts a piece of his/her heart and soul into his /her work, and yet very few or no one can read every book. Unless you have an edge, your odds of having a successful book launch and sales are poor. This is where we at Mentoring Visions Publishers come in to give gems of advice to help you pull through. This is how:

1. Build and maintain your own media platform
People go to Google to discover answers to problems. Imagine when they find your website and like your writing and they see you have a book for sale for instance at Amazon, they sure will buy that book. As long as people want to learn they will always buy books! Of course not everyone reading your posts will buy your book, some will definitely buy. I have learned that whenever I publish a post, more people buy my books. The more you write for free, the more you build your empire of selling books. This is only possible if and when you have your own platform.

2. Write even if it’s for free
This may seem a little odd for now but it’s true. Your goal as you wake up every day should be to make the world a better place by educating, informing, motivating and inspiring others

3. Build your networks
There are two points to note, people make people. Do not look down upon anybody. Be generous in linking others through your website. Anyone who takes the time to post a picture of your book or mention they bought your book is part of your marketing team. Treat them with the respect and gratitude they deserve. Thank everyone who buys your book and reaches out to you. If you’re too busy, hire someone to do it. I personally read all emails and social media to keep my finger on the pulse. Your fingers will be tired, but this is a good problem to have because it pays handsome dividends.

4. Make your launch comfortable
This is easy. Turn your book launch into an event. For instance let people know they will be entertained and educated aside of buying your book. Invite musicians or other speakers.

Secondly you will do well to scatter your work in different packages. For instance you can have both hardcover and soft cover copies as well as audio copies of your work. This will give your audience a choice but at the same time you will be selling the same thing.